Build Career Awareness

This phase of employer engagement focuses on helping students become more aware of different career options and the world of work. This includes serving as guest speakers in classrooms or at events and opening your business to tours.

Guest Speakers

Workplace professionals (speakers) visit a classroom or hold a virtual conversation with students to share their expertise and personal experience.

Career Fairs

Workplace professionals showcase their careers, career paths, and employability skills to students for the purpose of improving their awareness of career options and the steps necessary to attain them. Professionals bring equipment or other hands-on activities to an exhibit space, set up an interactive booth or display, and bring volunteers who can speak about a variety of careers and career paths. Students are encouraged to engage physically in an activity, as well as through meaningful conversation. Students bring prepared questions related to their interests and interview professionals for the sake of learning and practicing employability skills, such as networking.

Online Career Exploration

Workplace professionals compile information about their industry, their careers, and the required education to pursue their chosen profession. Information pertaining to the type of work, particular skills, specialized knowledge, and recommended experiences is compiled and posted online to facilitate student interest and research. Content is specific to high-skill, high-demand careers in Delaware and is intended to inform students of career options that may appeal to them, but which they may not otherwise be familiar. This information is important for students because it provides and improves access to in-demand careers and the steps necessary to successfully attain them. It is beneficial to the employer and the economy by increasing the pool of a skilled workforce and improving public awareness of critical career opportunities.

Workplace Tours

Classes or small groups of students visit work sites. These tours are supervised and designed for students to see and learn about various jobs, equipment, and skills needed to use equipment. Students learn about the company, as well as interact with employees and observe the work performed by people in those jobs.