Delaware Pathways

The Office of Work-Based Learning is proud to be a partner in the Delaware Pathways initiative. Delaware Pathways is a vehicle to ensure all high school students have the opportunity to fulfill their educational goals and career aspirations. Career pathways begin in the public education system (K-12) through the development and implementation of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study.

What is Delaware Pathways?

  • Delaware Pathways stems directly from the “Delaware Promise,” a commitment that by 2025, 65% of Delaware’s workforce will earn a 2- or 4- degree or professional certificate, matching the percentage of Delaware jobs requiring one.
  • Delaware Pathways works hand-in-hand with key government and business partners to identify key Delaware industries with a growing shortage of skilled workers, and create Pathways to meet those future needs.
  • Delaware Pathways recognizes four-year and two-year degrees and industry certifications with equal importance and weight, especially since Delaware’s skills gap has identified significant needs in low- and middle-skill jobs.

Key Employer-based Elements to Pathways:

  • Alignment with a demand-driven occupation
  • Influence a course sequence and instructional outline
  • Opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials
  • Work-based learning experience prior to being hired
  • Employer/Industry knowledge and best practice sharing for teachers

The top three program aspects directly impacting an employer’s ability to offer immersive WBL experiences are:

  • Soft skills and professionalism training for students
  • Training and resources for employers
  • Online platform to post activities and find interested students

A goal of the Office of Work-Based Learning is to remove restrictions and relieve employer staff and teacher challenges

  1. Serving as consistent point of contact for schools and districts, knowing who to approach with questions and help direct actions.
  2. Setting clear expectations, roles, and responsibilities for all involved (i.e., school, student, employer), through project oriented agreements and guidelines.
  3. Working with schools and their respective Career & Technical Education (CTE) leaders to ensure
    students are ready to work in a professional setting.

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The Employer Playbook provides detailed information and guidance on the various ways your business can engage with students – Employers have a meaningful and important role to play in the lives of Delaware students and in shaping your, and Delaware’s, next generation workforce. Learn how you can make a difference and help build a stronger community and workforce for Delaware.