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In any business, employers want to realize a return on investment. Your engagement in the Delaware Pathways Work-Based Learning program should be no different. Though an actual benefit to your bottom line may take a few years, when it comes to working with students, an infusion of innovation, energy, and positivity is immediate for you and your employees.

Engaging with students through various work-based learning experiences provides additional benefits, including:

  • Increased brand awareness in the community
  • Locally preferred employer status due to the relationships you establish with students and families.
  • Stronger employee culture as they share their expertise with young people, contributing to increased job satisfaction and employee retention opportunity to invest in local talent by identifying and recruiting potential future employees.

Get Involved with Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning Students

What is the right kind of engagement for my business?

While all forms of engagement can be meaningful, businesses experience the best results when their goals for engagement align with the desired learning outcomes for students. The employees you engage, the time commitment you make available, and your overall desired outcomes are all important factors in finding the right fit.



Employees participate in short-term engagement opportunities with students.


Employees spend more time with small groups of students to accomplish a goal.


Employees supervise a few students who complete actual work as employees.

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Let’s discuss the various ways your business can engage with students – Employers have a meaningful and important role to play in the lives of Delaware students and in shaping your, and Delaware’s, next-generation workforce. Your participation can be as small (30 minutes) or involved as your time allows. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner and help build a stronger community and workforce for Delaware.


    Delaware Employer Playbook

    Download the Employer Playbook

    In this playbook, you will find detailed information about getting started with work-based learning, and guidance on the various ways your business can engage with students.

    Download the Playbook (PDF)