Guide Career Exploration

This phase of employer engagement focuses on exposing students to the workplace through active, shared engagement. This includes engaging in interviews, facilitating team or classroom projects, and opening your business to job shadowing experiences with students.

Job Shadows

An individual student, or small group of students, visit the workplace to observe actual work processes and employee discussions on work assignments and directives. Students rotate through two or more work sites while shadowing the company.

Industry-led Projects

Workplace professionals collaborate with teachers to design a challenge or project related to their work and responsibilities. The project may span over multiple weeks as the professional provides technical knowledge (virtually and/or in person) and responds to student questions related to the technical aspects of the challenge or project. Engagement may culminate with the professional listening to student or team presentations at the conclusion of the project. During the project, students may collect information, model decision-making or creative processes, design and weigh feasible solutions, and present their findings through oral and visual means.

Informational Interviews

A structured conversation conducted between one or more employees and a student. The conversations are intended to encourage students to explore specific career interests by researching, preparing and asking relevant questions of a workplace professional. Conversations may be conducted in person, by phone, or by web video.

Mock Interviews

A simulated employment interview between a student and a workplace professional. Conversations may be conducted in person, by phone, or web video; however, preference is an in-person interview. In all instances, the interview should mirror, as closely as possible, the look, feel, and conversation of an actual interview.