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What if we hired for skills, not degrees?

The last decade has seen widespread ‘degree inflation.’ But a growing movement of employers, workers and training groups offers a rebuke to a culture that exalts a bachelor’s as the gold standard for upward mobility.

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Why the High-Achievers Have Moved to ‘Shop’ Class

A new breed of students has flooded into career-technical education, and they’re transforming a slice of the K-12 world that’s long suffered from stigma and disrespect. These students are focusing on professions like engineering and health care instead of traditional trades like manufacturing and agriculture. They have higher grades and test scores, and more positive […]

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2018-19 Delaware Public Education At A Glance – New “Flipbooks” Are Here

Important policy decisions require good data. And as we continue to rethink education and broaden our lens on student outcomes, Rodel’s “At A Glance” flipbook continues to evolve as well. At its core, it still provides a snapshot of Delaware public education, including student enrollment, achievement, college and career readiness, school finance, early learning, and […]

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Delaware is transforming the way it prepares students for careers, and you can help

Mark Brainard and Paul Herdman April 4, 2019 Mark Brainard is the president of Delaware Technical Community College. Paul Herdman is the president of Rodel, an educational nonprofit. We know a few things to be true: The economy is changing quickly. Most of our young people are going to need training beyond high school, and […]

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Steering students to ‘middle-skill’ career paths

As manufacturing and traditional finance jobs become less central to Delaware’s economy, its education system is changing to better prepare students for their future careers. About two-thirds of the jobs created in the next decade will require some education beyond high school, said Paul Herdman, president and CEO of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware, a […]

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Blazing the Pathway on College and Career: Q&A with Paul Morris

Paul Morris is on the forefront of a slate of college-and-career efforts across Delaware, bringing his expertise on employer partnerships at the postsecondary to the K-12 world. We talked to the associate vice president for workforce development at Delaware Tech about his very busy school year ahead.